Scope of Work

  1. To promote the cause of Conservation and work as a knowledge hub and solution provider for management of environment in general and for forests, wildlife and bio diversity in particular.
  2. Proactively organize and promote local community’s as well as civil society‚Äôs role and also support activities under CSR and CER for participation in natural resource management.
  3. Build and support perspectives relating to Climate Change while facilitating appropriate mechanisms for conflict resolution on the above issues.
  4. Assist the promotion of, directly as well as indirectly, any instrument and institution which may strengthen laws and policies for conservation, and generally to do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of GELSEF.
  5. To grant, pay, give scholarship, stipends, prizes, rewards, allowances and other Financial assistance or help in cash or in kind to students, research scholars, individuals and institutions engaged in undertaking activities in the subjects of Forest and wildlife Management, law and forensics; Bio diversity management; climate change; CITES and trade in bio resource; rivers, water body, protected areas, medicinal plants, and wetland management, ecosystems conservation etc.
  6. Take up, promote, support, assist, collaborate, and aid, directly as well as indirectly, the works of skill development, education, and capacity building in all educational as well as professional spheres to improve the capacity of people including their work environment.