Support through Association

All individuals / organizations having dedication towards environmental conservation are requested to communicate their interest to associate with GELSEF/ associate GELSEF in their endeavours.

GELSEF is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering total environmental management besides organizing and promoting specific conservation measures in respect of flora and fauna.
GELSEF encourages business ethics for environmental health through advocacy and promotion of exemplary green action and leadership in various organizations. Sustainable Development accordingly is attempted to be catalyzed through association of institutions.
GELSEF recognises that it can achieve and sustain widespread and lasting changes in the mindset of various stakeholders by harnessing the power of mutually beneficial partnership with the corporate world, educational institutions and dedicated non-governmental organizations on the issue of environmental health    and safety concerns for our society at large.
Some specific projects that could be supported by you are:
1. Forest/ Wildlife/ Biodiversity/ Nature conservation
2. Promoting/developing Community gardens and biodiversity parks
3. Creation of ‘Greens’ in the memory of individuals/days etc. e.g.  “Smriti Vatika”
4. Waste management
5. Prevention of water wastage in specially in summers (e.g. in washing cars, over-watering gardens)
6. Reduction in the the use of plastic bags and promoting substitute cheaper options (e.g. cloth bags)
7. Promoting plantation of trees in open spaces
8. Ensuring water availability for birds and animals in summer
9. Photo-voice (Media will be used in remote areas to educate people on conservation of natural resources)
10. Advocacy in villages for empowering them to voice their concerns
11. Education, Publicity and extension through various forms of media outreach
12. Seminars and Workshops on locally as well as globally relevant topics
13. Promoting Temple/vegetable yard waste to be channelized for productive refuge
14. Establish “Mini-Ministry for Conservation of Environment ” in educational institutions

(We also urge one and all to associate with us by paying Rs.1000/- through accounts payee cheque/draft/ online for life time membership.)