Ankita Jha's Nature photography exhibition at AAFT, NOIDA

Mr Manoj Misra, YAMUNA JIYE ABHIYAAN and Mr B.K.Jha visiting the exhibition

Lecture delivered on ‘Development, Cultural Evolution and Nature Conservation : A case for Spiritual Ecology’ in the Third World Science Congress of Vedic Sciences’ at Pune, India on 12-1-2018

Lecture on wildlife trade in State Forest Research and Training Institute, Raipur (C.G.) on 11June 2017

Lecture in Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune (BVIEER) on Environment and Governance- 19 Dec17

At ICFRE, Dehradun campus on 12-12-2017. Lecture in IGNFA to IFS officers on Problem solving through Technological intervention : FRA implementation.

Inauguration programme of the 12th Tribal Film Festival at NFAI, Pune on 20-8-2017

A Nature photography exhibition by Ankita Jha was organized in Asian Academy of Film and Television, NOIDA as a part of their 6th Global Film Festival. The exhibition was inaugurated on 12th of November and continued till 13th November 2013.

Awareness training in WII, Dehradun on 25-9-17 (Women’s Safety at Workplace). With Dr V B Mathur, Director, Wild Life Institute of India.

Gelsef on campus

Tribal Film Festival 2017, Film Archives of India, Pune on 20-8-2017

Seedlings for planting

Seedling collection for planting


Treat the Birds with Water

Durga Pooja_Fj

Appeal to avoid throwing flowers/garlands etc. in Rivers

With Dr Farid and Dr Quddus of Aranyak, Bangladesh and Dr Satish Pandey on field trip in Pune District, M.S.

Tribal Short Film Festival 2018 at National Film Archives, Pune

Interacting with children on environmental issues in NOIDA
Presentation before school children in NOIDA
Session in WII, DehraDun