Ankita Jha's Nature photography exhibition at AAFT, NOIDA

Mr Manoj Misra, YAMUNA JIYE ABHIYAAN and Mr B.K.Jha visiting the exhibition

Lecture delivered on ‘Development, Cultural Evolution and Nature Conservation : A case for Spiritual Ecology’ in the Third World Science Congress of Vedic Sciences’ at Pune, India on 12-1-2018

Lecture on wildlife trade in State Forest Research and Training Institute, Raipur (C.G.) on 11June 2017

Lecture in Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune (BVIEER) on Environment and Governance- 19 Dec17


At ICFRE, Dehradun campus on 12-12-2017. Lecture in IGNFA to IFS officers on Problem solving through Technological intervention : FRA implementation.

Inauguration programme of the 12th Tribal Film Festival at NFAI, Pune on 20-8-2017

A Nature photography exhibition by Ankita Jha was organized in Asian Academy of Film and Television, NOIDA as a part of their 6th Global Film Festival. The exhibition was inaugurated on 12th of November and continued till 13th November 2013.

Awareness training in WII, Dehradun on 25-9-17 (Women’s Safety at Workplace). With Dr V B Mathur, Director, Wild Life Institute of India.

Gelsef on campus

Tribal Film Festival 2017, Film Archives of India, Pune on 20-8-2017

Swachchhta Abhiyan

Swachchhata Abhiyaan, NOIDA

Seedlings for planting

Seedling collection for planting


Treat the Birds with Water

Durga Pooja_Fj

Appeal to avoid throwing flowers/garlands etc. in Rivers

World Peace Day_Sep18